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Overview for Garwood, NJ

11,468 people live in Garwood, where the median age is 41.5 and the average individual income is $70,859.85. Data provided by the U.S. Census Bureau.


Total Population

41.5 years

Median Age


Population Density Population Density This is the number of people per square mile in a neighborhood.


Average individual Income


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Around Garwood, NJ

There's plenty to do around Garwood, including shopping, dining, nightlife, parks, and more. Data provided by Walk Score and Yelp.

Very Walkable
Walking Score
Bike Score

Points of Interest

Explore popular things to do in the area, including Icecreamology - Coming Soon, Canastas Bakery, and Digital Press Videogames.

Name Category Distance Reviews
Ratings by Yelp
Dining 3.99 miles 6 reviews 5/5 stars
Dining 3.2 miles 10 reviews 5/5 stars
Shopping 2.7 miles 14 reviews 5/5 stars
Active 0.81 miles 7 reviews 5/5 stars
Active 0.19 miles 6 reviews 5/5 stars
Active 1.54 miles 7 reviews 5/5 stars
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