Why sell your house before the holidays?

November 18, 2022


Why sell your house before the holidays? 


As winter comes, it's natural to start thinking about the items left on your checklist to be completed before the year ends. You consider whether to make that big purchase, upgrade the house, or even move. And guess what? You should! Of course, not every choice must be made before the holiday season ends, but when it comes to selling your home, this may be the greatest time to do so!

If you are considering relocating soon or your existing house no longer meets your needs, here are three reasons you should begin selling now, especially in today's property market. 👇


Overcome the Competition💥

As the year ends, homeowners are less likely to list their properties to focus on the holidays, giving you a window of opportunity to sell your property while they wait until the new year. As a result, you could be more noticeable to potential customers! Start working with a real estate professional and get a head start on the competition.


Eager millennial Buyers 🏘️

The millennial generation is about to reach its prime home-buying years, and there aren't nearly enough properties on the market to go around. Serious buyers like them, who want to move before the end of the year, will still be hunting for homes throughout the winter, and yours may be precisely what they're looking for.


Huge Opportunity to Grow 🌱

There is record-high equity among today's homeowners. According to CoreLogic, each mortgage holder's typical amount of equity has increased. With equity at its peak, you may be able to utilize some or maybe all of your current home's equity to finance the down payment on the home of your dreams.


👀 Our advice: Don't wait to sell your house so you may start a new year with one that better suits your needs!

It's your turn to make a move. Reach out to us today to speak with one of our agents and put this to the test. We will be happy to help you! 


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